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As a specialist in processing primary-packed drug products we take care of the whole packaging management, according to your individual needs, whether the drug products are liquid, semi-solid or solid, as well as sensitive (temperature-sensitive / cytotoxic) products - we will find the best solution for your product.


Our key tasks

  • packaging (printing, labelling, bundling) and Re-packaging of small to large scale batches

  • automatic serialization and temper-proofed packaging according to falsified medicines directive (2011/62/EU)

  • customer-specific packaging design

  • procurement of secondary packaging materials


Coding of verification required drug products

  • 2D-Matrixcode / Data-Matrix

  • variable data (batch-identification, expiry date, manufacturing date)

  • country-specific productcodes


Isabell Rossa

Head of production
AxioNovo GmbH
Kammerichstraße 39
33647 Bielefeld

Tel.:  +49 521 988 35 0 / -24
Fax:  +49 521 988 35 18